Algeria 2.0 Summit – Digital Africa Summit

Algeria 2.0 Summit is considered as the annual international crossroad of ICT, new technologies and WEB 2.0 professionals.  It constitutes an annual event for networking and exchange of innovative and valuable ideas towards the digitalisation of Algeria. The summit’s main purpose is to ensure an alteration of our society towards a digital future and provide the latest trends in the technological field.

The conference incorporates various stakeholders such as developers, researchers, industrial players, technology providers for software and hardware as well as students.

Due to COVID-19, the conference took place virtually through an online platform allowing visitors to remotely attend the summit including the presentations and the exhibition area comprising numerous virtual booths.

Quadible was present at the Algeria 2.0 Summit by providing a virtual booth and welcoming visitors to attend and interact the team as well as with the available material.

A very interesting presentation was conducted by our Business Development Consultant, Mr Stefanos Karapetsis that spoke about the current status of digital fraud, account take over as well as the need for stronger authentication mechanisms required to cope in the challenges of the era.

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