The easiest and most secure way to authenticate your phone


BehavAuth is an AI-platform that continuously authenticates the users, without the need of any input, by learning their behavioural patterns.

.a new way towards authentication


We take security very seriously! To provide you the most secure system, multiple behavioural patterns are used to verify you in the most accurate, reliable and secure way. Our system learns your behavioural patterns and combines that knowledge into a coherent intelligent engine.


We put special care on privacy by actually making you the sole owner of your data. At any point you have the ability to stop the collection of the data and delete any data that have already been collected. You are the owner of your data! No more worrying about your privacy and your personal data.

Easy to use

No need to worry about passwords any more! It cannot get easier! Our sophisticated engine collects data from your device and does all the magic.  You just install our app, relax and continue live your life! Authentication for on-line platforms, services and devices has never been easier.

.what is under the hood

Internet of Things

Sensors are becoming part of our lives and provide enormous amount of data that could be used to authenticate users.

Human behaviour

Each person is unique and has behavioural patterns that allow the verification and identification of individuals.


Today’s smartphones have built in sensor and knowledge extraction engines that allow us to derive incredible amount of knowledge.

.our process

  • Sensor Data

    We collect sensor data from Internet of Things and Smartphones

  • Processing

    The collected data are processed and are ready for knowledge extraction

  • Knowledge Extraction

    Machine Learning Models and Artificial Intelligence derive behavioural patterns and knowledge and are combined in a unique stream

  • Authentication

    The derived knowledge lead to the authentication of the user without any user input


“Quadible’s behavioural authentication solution is a significant step forward”

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