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The future of authentication

A far more secure and more user-friendly authentication that helps your organisation reduce costs and improve your customer satisfaction

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Quadible introduces the future of authentication. An AI-platform that continuously authenticates your end-users, without the need of any input by learning their behavioural patterns such as the way they move, the way they use their devices, their biometrics and transactional patterns.

Cert. No: 224

ISO/IEC 27001:2022

Cert. No: 224

ISO/IEC 22301:2019


Why Quadible's authentication?


Innovative AI-powered technology uniquely combines biometrics and behavioural traits

Continuous authentication

At any point you know who is accessing your system

Device independent

Your users can setup their profile on one device and keep using it on different devices

Multi-biometric and behavioural

More than 10 biometrics and behavioural traits work together to authenticate the end-user

Easy integration

The integration process is a piece of cake with only one line of code and you are ready to go


Setup with only one selfie or passport; then your end-users do not need to actively do anything.

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User authentication

Know at any point that the person interacting with your system is exactly the person that they say they are

Account sharing

Detect and prevent in real-time when users share their account among each other, reducing risks and data breaches

Account takeover

Spot immediately when malicious users have taken over the account of your legitimate users, preventing fraud

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